"Hey, aren't you the guy in charge of software licenses?"


Buy too much and you risk wasting money. 

Buy too little and you risk audits and fines. 

At Lighthouse, we have the experience and the tools to help you stay compliant while spending only what's required.

Here's how:

1. Fast, non-invasive, audit-quality* inventory of all software assets and their usage. That's the least you should expect of SAM, but it's seldom what you get. 

2. Execution by experienced software license analysts. We'll help you address your immediate compliance pressures from a position of strength by asserting your rights and negotiating skillfully on your behalf. 

3. The same license analysts will partner with you to optimize your license position - adjusting license volumes and terms, redeploying unused licenses, and generally squeezing more value out of your spend.

The result is that you can save money while limiting audit exposure, well into the future. 

At Lighthouse, it's not just software, it's a solution. 

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*Audit-quality accuracy: What it means to your license expense and exposure. 

There are two reasons to seriously consider a SAM solution: 

Reason #1: When there's a good chance you're signed up for more licenses than you actually need. This usually results from caution driven by fear of a publisher audit, which could be very costly. Knowing - not guessing - could save you money, possibly a lot of money. 

Reason #2: When uncertainty arises about sufficiency of license coverage, and the outcome of a possible vendor audit is in doubt. 

Considering what's at risk, either reason demands a high degree of confidence in your SAM solution. At Lighthouse, we combine deep experience with tools as good as or better than those used by auditors. 

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Restore sanity to software licensing: 
Get optimized by Lighthouse.  

Assessing your ELP (or Effective License Position) is a necessary first step in a SAM deployment, yet it's often the only step taken.

Unfortunately, an ELP is insufficient to achieve the kind of savings, risk mitigation, and operational improvements that SAM can support. That takes optimization.

By analyzing historical license consumption together with license types and terms, we'll work with you to arrive at an optimal licensing plan - one designed to save money, insulate from audits, and make software license management, well, manageable. 

That's optimization, it's the real value of SAM, and it's what we do best.  

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Our job is to get you into the 
"Goldilocks Zone."

Not too many licenses. Not too few. But a number that's just right.

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Todd Alcock

Director of SAM Sales

"We deliver results at the same level of accuracy employed by software vendors when they audit companies like yours."  

"It's called "audit-level accuracy," and it's clearly your best protection." 

Lighthouse SAM Services.

Team up with Lighthouse and make this annoying and potentially costly problem finally go away.  

Avoid audit exposures

Make sure you have an accurate and appropriate licensing plan.

Minimize spend

Avoid over-buying to compensate for uncertainty.

Maximize licenses

Squeeze more value from your spend by redeploying unused assets.

Optimize investment

We'll compare your usage history to vendor licensing options to find you the best deals with the least risk.

Audit-level accuracy

Our tools and methods are just like those used in audits. Why not know what they'll find before they look?

Achieve peace of mind

You have plenty to think about without worrying if your licensing is in order. That's what we're here for.

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