Security is a moving target. Literally.

As mobile devices become more popular with users, they also become more popular with hackers and thieves. This makes mobile a new frontier in enterprise security as increased business functionality exposes mobile platforms to infiltration and malicious activity.

Something as simple as accessing company email from an iPhone can expose the entire enterprise to security breaches. But these threats can be countered.

At Lighthouse, we have provided enterprise security solutions around mobile computing since mobile came on the scene. That means we have unique capabilities to solve mobile security challenges based on deep knowledge and broad experience.

This results in tailored solutions – not cookie-cutter products – that are optimized for your environment while realizing the full potential of world-class security offerings from technology leaders.

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Where will your next security threat come from? 

We don’t know specifically, but we do know generally where you should look, and what to do about these new threats, especially those posed by fast-emerging technologies. 

These include some of today's coolest new platforms, like mobile and cloud computing, as you might expect. But risks also arise from more mundane sources like multiple operating systems, popular web browsers and sinister new ways to exploit users, including the newest wave of ransomware.  

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Stormy weather: Dealing with the dark side of the Cloud.

Don’t let mounting security threats keep you from enjoying all the cost, convenience, and operational benefits of moving to the cloud. Just make sure you do something about those threats. 

And not just anything, but a mature and thorough security solution that shields you from even sophisticated threats that could be lurking in the cloud.

At Lighthouse, we take a multidisciplinary approach that encompasses security expertise across all aspects of enterprise protection, as well as years of cloud knowhow, resulting in solutions that stay ahead of the evolving cloud threat potential.

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Whatever you do, don’t do just one thing.

Multiple threats call for multiple defenses. Twenty-two years of enterprise security experience means that Lighthouse has the expertise to protect your data, your infrastructure, and your users.

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Chief Security Strategist

“Our aim has, and always will be, to provide industry leading IAM and Cybersecurity services.”

"We help customers create a converged set of information security and IAM services for fostering a proactive and strong cyber defense posture." 

Total enterprise security coverage,
made to order.

We provide custom security solutions for all your IT assets, physical and virtual, on-premises and mobile.

Intrusion protection

Patch up vulnerabilities and snag malicious traffic before it does harm.

ID & access management

Outstanding new technologies make IAM more capable and affordable.

Security intelligence

Our analysis of your security data can expose unknown vulnerabilities.

Endpoint management

Take control which devices - from PCs to POSs - can access your network.

Mobile device management

Mobile's threat to enterprise security is sometimes underestimated. Not here.

Managed services

Sleep like a baby. Let us monitor and manage your security suite.

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