Power Your Cognos TM1 and PowerPlay w/Rocket Discover Dashboarding Capabilities

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Outsmart the Competition. Connect, visualize, and discover in minutes with Rocket® Discover

Today’s TM1 and BI business users demand speed. Quick and easy access to TM1 and non-TM1 data and high quality visualization at the speed of thought is now available through Rocket® Discover’s native Live Connect.

Watch this exclusive webinar to learn how IBM® Cognos® TM1®/ BI & Rocket® Discover are providing business users with native TM1 and BI Connectivity for quick and easy self-service dashboard creation.

Featured Speakers 

  David Doucette
Frank Ziemba; Senior Consultant, Rocket Software   David Doucette; President, Creative Computing







Rockets Live Connect:

Provides Smarter Self-Service Data Prep
  • accelerates data enrichment across relational, mainframe, and local data sources
  • offers richer visualization and deeper discovery
Presentation mode
  • simple to display insights in an interface-free presentation format
  • drill down into source data if needed
Shows IBM® Cognos® Native Connectivity
  • empowers Cognos® BI and TM1® users to quickly and easily create dashboards
  • provides greater business insights
  • reduces dependence on IT - what would have previously taken days or weeks can now be accomplished in a matter of minutes

Supports TM1 & non-TM1 data visualization

  •  one dashboard for greater insight
Fast performance
  • preserves TM1 hierarchies
  • leverages the TM1 engine for immediate query results 

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