This is not your father's IT infrastructure.

A big challenge for IT today is to deliver even more value to the business in an increasingly complex and unpredictable tech environment.

Cloud, mobile, BYOD, demand for more services across more functional areas of the business: it all adds up to more challenges and - ironically - more opportunity than ever for IT to contribute.

How do these new pieces fit together with the old? How do they fit with each other? How do you harness this newfound power to propel the business forward?

Equally important, how do these new tools make IT more valuable to the business as the keeper of integrity, security, and economy for both systems and data?

Not only do we ask these questions every day, we also provide answers. 

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How to make decisions in a world of infinite choices.

Look for an experienced partner who has:

1. First-hand knowledge of offerings from different vendors and how they actually perform in the real world.

2. A holistic understanding of your IT environment, and a clear view of your business objectives and technical requirements.

3. A technology vision to help guide you to optimal decisions on hardware, software and services - on-premises and in the cloud - and how to orchestrate functionality across diverse platforms.

With 22 years in the business, hundreds of happy clients, and in-depth expertise in a number of important IT disciplines, we'd like to think that's us.

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Your IT infrastructure is much more than a list of assets. 

Infrastructure today is the growing, changing, dynamically-connected, 24/7 engine that drives the IT experience for everyone in your business, and everyone you do business with.

Think about it: Doesn't that make your IT infrastructure more important than ever?

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It's not just what you pick, it's how you put it together.

Hardware, software, and brainware. We supply them all.

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VP Sales

“Cost take-out, risk reduction, system performance: they all start with infrastructure." 

"The growth of cloud, mobile and security concerns are making it even more important to get infrastructure right."

Lighthouse Infrastucture Services.

With over 22 years of experience and hundreds of successful engagements, Lighthouse provides expert solutions for all aspects of IT infrastructure design and management.

Solution design and implementation

Solve infrastructure challenges with smart, effective, custom solutions.

Storage services

Assessment and strategy, disk and flash storage solutions, on-premises and cloud.

Infrastructure consulting

Ensure optimal integration, performance, flexibility and future-readiness.

Fitness Check-Up

Mitigate risk by maintaining foundational fitness in the face of relentless change.

Cost take-out

Let us show you how to get and stay skinny with a cost take-out analysis. Most effective during tech refreshes.

Transformation services

Move your IT swiftly into the future with AI, machine learning and other emerging technologies.

Infrastructure Practice Publications

Access links to these Lighthouse Infrastructure Practice publications covering a few of our partner-specific solutions.

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