Take total control of IT with complete, unbiased knowledge of your entire environment.

Change, growth, and complexity make it increasingly difficult to keep track of what's what in your IT environment. Equipment is swapped out, data is moved, applications are upgraded and changed.

Yet complete and detailed knowledge of what physical and virtual assets you have, how they're organized and how they're utilized is critical to success for almost every IT function, from strategy and planning to maintenance and day-to-day troubleshooting.

The new Lighthouse Independent Discovery & Analytics Engagement is the fast, thorough, cost-effective, non-invasive way to learn the truth about your IT environment. It is designed to provide you with detailed knowledge that helps put you back in full control of what you spend, how you manage. and how you achieve your technology and business goals.

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Are "free" vendor assessments worth as much as they cost?

We've all considered, and possibly even used, free assessments offered by vendors to help scope out some aspect of your IT assets, such as looking at storage, or at servers, or possibly some aspects of software licensing and usage. And we've all discovered the same flaw - these tend to be one-dimensional sales tools intended to unearth sales opporunities for the sponsoring vendors.

There's nothing wrong with these free assessments, but we find our clients are better served by studies that are vendor neutral, encompassing every manufacturer on their floor; studies that are comprehensive, looking not at just storage, or just servers, or just applications, but all physical and virtual assets, all at the same time and all in relationship to one another.

And maybe most important, IDA studies are accompanied by independent analyses that point to solutions and improvements that were not apparent otherwise.

Truth is power.

Here is some of what you will get from a Lighthouse IDA Engagement:

1. A complete inventory of all your IT assets, both physical and virtual.

2. Mapping that shows exactly where all your applications are running.

3. Mapping that shows where all application data is actually stored.

4. Utilization reports indicating which assets are strained and which are underused.

5. Analysis that illustrates how your environment compares to other companies of your size and in your field on several key measures.

By knowing these and other facts about their IT environments, our clients report operational improvements like these:

A. Infrastructure TCO savings from 11% to 55%.

B. Storage demand reduced by 10% or more.

C. Demand for maintenance resources reduced by 20% or more.

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What if you knew the truth? 

What could you do better if you knew - with certainty - what you have and how it all works together? 

Take a minute and learn more about the Lighthouse IDA Engagement. 

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Warren Saltzman

Managing Director, Client Services

“Clients tell us it's like somebody switched on the lights.”

"With IDA, clients have a much better idea of what's really going on in their IT environments. With accurate knowledge, budgeting, planning, support, everything gets easier."

Empower management. Diminish risk.

The knowledge gained through a Lighthouse IDA Engagement lets you accurately and confidently undertake these and other critical IT functions.

Hardware & software inventory management

Know what you have and accurately manage asset lifecycles.


Attribution by department, project or person is aided by built-in reporting and analysis.

Problem determination & resolution

Zero in on bottlenecks, breakdowns, malfunctions and other support issues.

Change management

Whether your IT is in evolution or revolution, an IDA report can help guide you to the future.

Capacity planning

Stop guessing about utilization and growth. Get the facts. Make more accurate decisions.

Technology refreshes

Make all the upgrades and improvements you want with minimal disruption.

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