IBM X-Force: New Attack Vectors in Shifting Threat Landscape

How can you prevent, detect and respond to advanced threats?

2014 ended with over 1 billion records compromised in data breaches across organizations from all industries.  Attack advantage of pervasive "designer" vulnerabilities, such as Heartbleed and Shellshock with speed and efficiency that crime is, in fact, organized and profitable.  At the same time, new, sophisticated malware is appearing on the dark side of many of the protection tools that we, the defenders, have implemented to protect our users, systems, and organizations. 

Don't listen to the negativists who claim it's not if, it's when: Lighthouse and IBM will reveal the tactics and techniques used by bad guys and arm you with the strategies to begin to gain ground in the battle to maintain control of your systems and information.

Presenter: Chris Poulin

Chris Poulin brings a balance of management experience and technical skills encompassing 30 years in informational development, and IT management, to his role as Research Strategist for IBM's X-Force Research & Development team for researching and analyzing security trends, informing customers to help them keep pace with emerging threats for a secure planet.  His research also focuses on security for the Internet of Things (IoT), especially connected through the Q1 Labs acquisition, where he serves as CSO.  He started his security career in the U.S. Air Force managing networks and developing software.  Chris left the DoD to leverage his leadership and technical skills at FireTower, Inc., a successful information security consulting firm serving many Fortune 100 clients.


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