There's no one right way to get to the cloud, but there is a wrong way.

The wrong way is to view cloud services - whether SaaS, storage, or managed services - as isolated tactical solutions. They may start out looking that way, but soon they take on a life of their own.

Our goal at Lighthouse is to help clients choose, implement, and manage their cloud transition by considering all factors, including compatibility and usability, in addition to functionality and cost.

It takes a little longer, but it's worth it.

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Avoiding the "Frankencloud" effect.

The Frankencloud effect takes hold after a growing hybrid architecture with both cloud and on-premises assets starts resembling a monster slapped together from random parts. 

You've heard the chilling rumors: multiple log-ins, different UIs, siloed data, missing data, multiple records, disconnected reporting, gaps in service, redundancy in service.

And how do you handle security, account control, and charge backs?

Each cloud service by itself may be great, but together they can be ugly, costly, even dangerous to your data and users' productivity; especially in the midst of an otherwise busy on-premises IT environment.

Yet Frankencloud is avoidable. All it takes is a little planning and a dose of discipline, summed up in our Basic Best Practices for Cloud.

Our cloud solutions are fast, economical, and highly functional. Doing cloud right is easier than you may think. 

Talk to companies that have executed even basic cloud strategies and they'll tell you stories of improved productivity and lower costs - results that companies without a plan struggle to achieve. 

At Lighthouse, we've spent over 22 years solving business problems across a range of IT disciplines. We know how all the pieces of IT fit together, and the painless way to move more cloud into your IT universe. 

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Can cloud really deliver?


The world is moving to cloud because it works. Trust Lighthouse to help you through a smooth, well-planned, cost-effective transition. 

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Andrew TenAglia 

Director, Cloud Practice


“Sooner or later, it'll all be on the cloud.”

"But you have to move ahead at the right speed. Too slow and you'll be left behind. Too fast and you open yourself to errors."

Lighthouse Cloud Services.

Lighthouse is your cloud computing partner, from design and budgeting to application selection and support. We've got your cloud covered. 

Assessment & design

Get off on the right foot with a Lighthouse Cloud Assessment & Design Engagement. Know what you have. Know where you're going.

End-to-end integration

Get all your IT systems - physical and virtual - working in concert using open source integration platforms.

Security management

Like it or not, cloud adds another dimension to your security purview. It's one we know how to cover.

Integration services

Available for discreet cloud services, including consulting, architecture, system design, and integration development.

Integration hosting

For integrated applications, business critical applications, and development.

Business Process Management

Optimize business processes with monitoring, analysis, and direct input from users and owners.

Cloud Practice Publications

Access links to these Lighthouse Cloud Practice publications covering a few of our partner-specific cloud solutions.

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