Building Applications for Microsoft's Cloud OS

This information-packed session give you key insights into the core capabilities of building applications in the cloud and how to increase agility, performance, and innovation.
Cloud Platform Overview
  •  Microsoft’s vision
  •  Why organizations are moving to the cloud
  •  Microsoft terminology for IaaS and PaaS
High level architecture design techniques
  •  Using automated Dev / Test for shorter iteration cycles that deliver measurable value
  •  Decomposing applications by functionality (workloads) and assigning criticality
  •  Resiliency for failures
  •  Scaling out instead of scaling up to accommodate peak loads
Demo: Creating a modern web application with Azure, including:
  •  Setting up a cloud developer workstation
  •  Configuring an automated development / test environment with continuous    integration and continuous   delivery
  •  Integrating to Azure AD for authentication
  •  Consuming Office 365 services e.g. for integration with SharePoint Online

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