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Zero in on Threats with Advanced Analytics

Zero in on Threats with Advanced Analytics

At many enterprises, security analysts are simply in over their heads. Most are dealing with thousands of security events each day. This constant stream of cyberthreats and system vulnerabilities is making it tough to make the right moves to keep systems safe. But, there’s an answer.

IBM QRadar is a powerful tool to cut through the noise, pinpointing real threats among security events to give analysts the alerts that really matter. Check out this infographic to learn more.

QRadar’s advanced analytics can integrate and run a variety of analyses including:

  • Anomaly detection that uncovers deviating behavior patterns
  • Behavior analysis that identifies compromised credentials or malicious activity
  • Forecasting models that predict future behaviors or actions
  • Pattern analysis that maps to known malicious activities in real-time

Let’s talk about improving your security intelligence

Lighthouse’s QRadar experts can help you protect your business with security intelligence approaches and solutions powered by advanced analytics. With greater speed and precision, you’ll prevent problems with users, systems and networks before they compromise your business. Let’s start the conversation today.

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