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Why Infrastructure Matters for your SAP HANA Deployment

Why Infrastructure Matters for your SAP HANA Deployment

More and more of today’s enterprises are deploying their core business applications on SAP HANA to find new customer insights, streamline business processes, generate reports faster and more. Those that are embracing this powerful technology have an important question to answer:

What server infrastructure should HANA be deployed on? And why does infrastructure matter?

As more applications migrate to the platform, the demands on SAP HANA environments will continue to change. Therefore, it is critical to choose a server infrastructure that can easily adapt to these changes while providing the scalability and reliability required by SAP applications. For many compelling reasons, IBM Power Systems is simply the ideal platform for running SAP HANA. That’s why leading brands are choosing IBM over x86 and HPE ProLiant systems.

IBM Power Systems is the server of choice to accelerate HANA deployments, scale them affordably, and maximize uptime. Power Systems also delivers faster insights—with more bandwidth than x86 infrastructure.

IBM Power Systems is helping businesses drive down costs. In a 3 year TCO comparison against HPE ProLiant DL560 Gen10, Power Systems drove 50% lower TCO (with no High Availability environment in both platforms).

For more details on how IBM Power Systems can accelerate results for your business, check out the infographic.

Partner with Lighthouse for your HANA deployment

Lighthouse’s IBM infrastructure experts can help you get the most from SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems. It’s time to give your business the analytics power it needs, along with the scalability, affordability, and reliability that Power Systems delivers. Let’s talk.

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