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Using Perseus IAM to solve your HR identity problems

Using Perseus IAM to solve your HR identity problems

Good Dog Labs, A Lighthouse Company’s new product, Perseus IAM, is the world’s first next generation IAM Microservices platform designed to help modernize your existing IAM and IGA programs.

Perseus IAM works with your existing HR infrastructure and solves some of the most common problems with IAM integrations.

Human resources (HR) IAM integrations suffer from three main problems:

  1. There is a significant time delay in providing appropriate access to users
  2. There is inadequate certification processes due to incorrect role information
  3. There are significant man hours spent manually in processing identity, role, and access data

Here is how Perseus IAM can solve these problems:

The Perseus IAM Microservices platform is used to build a secure and repeatable HR identity pipeline using a pre-configured set of IAM microservices that integrate directly into your existing HR infrastructure. This pipeline extracts, normalizes, updates caches, transforms, provisions, and writes your identities directly to your IGA. Your new HR pipeline is executed by using a set of API’s or manually via the Perseus user interface that allow you connect multiple HR data sets on one end and write clean and normalized data directly into your IGA platform - creating a flexible and dynamic bridge between your HR and IGA.  Finally, Perseus IAM includes a high performing, embedded scripting framework that allows you to customize how your data is processed and governed.

Our Perseus IAM HR identity pipeline is the key to:

  1. Saving you time and money on compliance reviews
  2. Improving the speed and performance of access requests and assignments
  3. Automating HR tasks for great efficiency
  4. Reducing cost and time of identity, role, and access data processing

Want Perseus IAM to build an HR identity pipeline to solve your HR identity problems. Learn more at


About Dino Pietropaolo

Dino Pietropaolo is a cybersecurity technologist, CTO, and co-founder of Good Dog Labs, A Lighthouse Company. Good Dog Labs, modernizes identity and access management and governance for SMB’s and large enterprises using advisory and implementation services in addition to bringing new innovative products such as Perseus IAM to market.

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