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Today is the Day to Improve Your Analytics

Today is the Day to Improve Your Analytics

You have started your journey of benefits from analytics and you are well on your way to becoming a pro. But there is still a long way to go.

Today is the day to see if, and how, you can do better.

Dealing with analytics and data is an ever-changing journey. The complexity, speed and volume of data continues to increase, while the use for data improves every day.  If you’ve had your analytics and data warehouse running for a few years, or a decade, you know the value of the results you provide to your organization – how simple it is for a business user to get access to performance results. Over the years, your organization has on-boarded a lot of technology and technical debt to enable this simplicity.  As the years have passed, the project capital cost has turned into a growing operating expense.

There are several factors in how your analytics journey has taken a turn:

  • The system was built in pieces through project delivery to meet changing conditions or to get further details after initial success
  • The team that started your organizations analytics journey is no longer here
  • There have been multiple team designing, developing and support the platform and establishing their own processes with the skills they came with, or even learned on the job “that’s just how this is done”
  • The speed and changes required to support a dynamic organization has led to some shortcuts, “good enough”, and acceptance of mediocre: “excellent isn’t in our budget”

Today is the day.  Now is the time.

If you have built your organizations platform on technologies, process and skills based on the landscape of ten years ago and you are planning the platform for the next ten years - today is the day to examine how you can do better.

We have new technology enablers for data and analytics. Data appliances, cloud and hybrid technologies, approaches and a new level of completeness in vision and execution.  Learn how to understand the new and transformed data and analytics landscape.  

Let’s take a look back at how our shared past can help us be more successful today,and help us be ready for the next big thing in analytics.  For a brief overview, download our infographic to see where we have been, where we are, and where are headed. 

For many years, Lighthouse has helped organizations get results by making the most of their analytics capabilities and exploring new opportunities.  We have the experience, understanding of the past present and future data and analytics landscape and are passionate about sharing what we know and how to best leverage our skills.  Together, we can look at your current capabilities, your goals and your vision to help you succeed with analytics.

Please contact us to start your “today is the day”.


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