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  • The World of Data Is Growing Fast. Be Ready for Anything with IBM’s Integrated Analytics System.

The World of Data Is Growing Fast. Be Ready for Anything with IBM’s Integrated Analytics System.

The World of Data Is Growing Fast. Be Ready for Anything with IBM’s Integrated Analytics System.

When it comes to analytics, what it takes to compete in today’s marketplace is changing fast. As data volume grows larger and more complex, there’s an increased need for data science and advanced analytics to unlock its value. In the past, purpose-built, on-premises appliances like IBM Netezza helped enterprises evolve their advanced analytics capabilities. But new demands—for broader analytics workloads, more concurrency, easy cloud-flexibility, and rapid scalability—call for more.

What they call for is an open platform for data management with the speed, flexibility, and power to run analytics wherever that data may be. With its latest innovation, IBM is enabling organizations to perform high-level data science, machine learning, and advanced analytics in today’s hybrid environments—be it on-premises, private cloud, or public cloud.

IBM has combined the best of Netezza with years of research, development, and data warehouse experience to create the best next-gen system for your enterprise: IBM’s Integrated Analytics System (IIAS). The new cloud-ready platform is a perfect next step for companies to power data science, machine learning, and AI with greater performance and flexibility. With IIAS, you’ll see:

  • 300% more capacity than Netezza
  • 2-to-5x faster performance compared to previous versions
  • Built-in machine learning and AI capabilities
  • Faster deployment times
  • The flexibility to grow and change as needed

IIAS is a combination of the best Db2 and Netezza software, so you can get the best of both worlds without sacrificing compatibility or performance. We can move your enterprise from Netezza to IIAS with ease, ensuring the successful migration for all of our Netezza clients to IIAS, Db2 Warehouse on cloud, or any other form factor in the Common SQL Engine of the Hybrid Data Management Platform. And with a future-proof system, embedded with data science technology, we’ll ensure that you’ll be ready for anything.

Make the move to operational excellence

With our help, you won’t have to worry about any added risks or effort to maintain the best system. We make it easy for you to upgrade to IIAS with 90-95% compatibility to your existing Netezza application. And with expert consultants and scope services available for existing Netezza customers, you can be sure of a smooth and simple upgrade process. We have partnered with IBM to deliver the consulting and development services to ensure that the migration is delivered at no cost to you (while the program applies).

With best-in-class prices and performance, you can have a hybrid cloud-ready system with petabyte-level scalability, native application compatibility and collaborative analytics at your disposal. You can also enable:

  • Operational excellence with a logical, unified view of your data
  • Personalized customer experiences provided in real-time using advanced analytics
  • Decrease in time-to-market for new products with machine learning models
  • Faster delivery times with a system that needs little to no tuning or configuration

Making Data Science Simpler and Faster

To learn more about the benefits of IIAS, watch our free on-demand webinar, Meet the New IBM Integrated Analytics System – It Makes Data Science Simple and Faster, today!

Let’s talk about improving your applications today

Don’t let your enterprise fall behind. Keep ahead of the analytics curve by giving your enterprise next-gen data management capabilities. We’ll help you make the move to the IBM Integrated Analytics System to keep your enterprise future-proof and ready for anything. Let’s start today.

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