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The Trifecta of Endpoint Security for the Modern Enterprise

The Trifecta of Endpoint Security for the Modern Enterprise

To power productivity, today’s businesses are increasingly being asked to give their employees more connectivity. Employees are looking for fast access to business data, simple tools to collaborate and apps that help them do their jobs anytime and anywhere they want to connect. In this mobile world, desktops, laptops and mobile devices are key to employee productivity. As a result, the security concerns of an enterprise reach far beyond the walls of traditional, controlled IT environments.

Each of these devices are endpoints on an enterprise’s network. Each also represents entryways to threats and risky activities that can result in data loss, data theft, malware and more. Hundreds or even thousands of endpoints access company resources and systems. So, it can be difficult, resource intensive and costly to manage and secure endpoints while maintaining control over a network.

This is especially difficult as different devices support different apps and operating systems with unique security needs. Protecting the enterprise means rapidly deploying software patches to deliver the latest security protections. It also means managing mobile devices in a ‘bring-your-own-device’ world and staying ahead of increasingly sophisticated attacks from malware and viruses.

That is the power of endpoint security. Its centralized management, automation, monitoring and controls are essential tools to prevent malicious actors from exploiting endpoints to reach IT networks, steal data or compromise systems. Endpoint security can also help employees use their devices in a way that is safe and compliant with the rules of the business. As remote work and mobile access grow, endpoint security can help take control over IT networks to protect operations and help employees be as productive as possible.

The trifecta of endpoint security

In today’s security world, there are three key elements to successful endpoint security: patch automation, mobility and next-gen antivirus. They are helping businesses protect operations, reduce costs and power productivity. They are equally important, and together they comprise a powerful answer to the endpoint security threats of today and tomorrow. They are:

Patch automation: No software is perfect. Defects in operating systems and installed software are unavoidable and unfortunately can open up systems to malware attacks. These defects are particularly attractive to hackers if the software is critical to business processes. That’s why it’s so important to secure a business’s device and server endpoints. This is done by quickly, efficiently and reliably deploying the latest app and operating system patches when they are released by vendors.

At Lighthouse, we’ve been helping businesses establish a centralized system to automate patching and test patches on systems before they go into operations. This helps manage and deploy patches across operating systems, software and devices—wherever they are—to ensure patches are up to date. We’re seeing patch automation help our clients reduce costs, improve security, shorten patch cycle times, eliminate manual effort and better protect their businesses.

Mobility: Businesses operate in complex ‘bring-your-own-device’ mobile environments. Mobility tools can help businesses shore up endpoint security—whatever the operating system, device type or apps employees use. The right solution helps employees be more productive and helps environments be more secure and compliant.

We’ve been helping our clients deploy a single platform for their environments, which is helping them easily enroll mobile devices, configure settings, manage email and monitor compliance of mobile devices. It’s also helping them manage app downloads, deploy software, remotely control devices, containerize data and separate personal and business data.

Next-gen antivirus: As the sophistication and complexity of malware advances, it’s clear that traditional legacy antivirus systems aren’t enough to keep enterprises safe. In addition, traditional approaches often demand constant signature updates, complex integrations and management of cumbersome on-premises systems.

We’ve seen our clients succeed with a new breed of powerful, lightweight, next-gen antivirus capabilities that go far beyond traditional malware protections. We’ve helped them use sophisticated machine learning and behavioral analysis to identify and halt threats that often evade traditional antivirus systems, such as file-less malware and in-memory attacks. They are protecting systems from zero-day attacks with the lightest footprint on their existing systems.

For many years, the security experts at Lighthouse Computer Services have been helping businesses secure their endpoints over complex network environments. We do this through expertise, industry-leading technology and experience in deploying the three key elements of endpoint security.

Let’s start the endpoint conversation

Through our partnerships with industry leading-technology companies, we are able to deliver comprehensive endpoint security solutions. We are here with all the services, tools and technology you need to succeed. We are excited to have a conversation about the endpoint security challenges, goals and vision of your organization. Let’s get started.

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