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The Benefits of IBM BigFix Lifecycle

The Benefits of IBM BigFix Lifecycle

Today’s organizations have a diverse mix of devices―desktops, laptops, servers, point-of sale devices and more―connecting to your corporate network. And only a handful of these devices run on the same platform. In fact, it’s commonplace for organizations to have roughly a half-dozen point solutions to perform different tasks on different devices―like patching, asset discovery and inventory, OS deployment and software deployment.

IBM BigFix Lifecycle lets you find, track, and address the challenges associated with the diverse mix of endpoints and operating systems on your network in minutes―and get real-time visibility into the status of your endpoints. This single-console, single-agent, single-server approach helps reduce the time, cost, risk and effort of managing virtually any mix of endpoints― whether they’re employee-owned, corporate-owned, or shared devices, and regardless of operating system. It also provides a full spectrum of power management capabilities for PC and Mac to help organizations achieve significant energy savings while avoiding system disruptions. And there’s more…

You also get the critical capability to manage and secure servers―whether they’re physical or virtual, or whether they are located within your organization’s datacenter or in remote locations. BigFix Lifecycle offers a rich set of pre-built automation tools and can easily be adapted to create and re-use custom automation flows. Now you can reduce the cost and complexity of server management while enhancing business agility, speed to remediation and accuracy.

Read the white paper, “Reducing the cost and complexity of endpoint management” to learn more about how you can benefit from better endpoint management.

For many years, the security experts at Lighthouse Computer Services have been helping businesses secure their endpoints over complex network environments. Through our partnerships with industry leading technology companies, we are able to deliver comprehensive endpoint security solutions. We’re here with all the services, tools and technology you need to succeed. We’re excited to have the conversation about endpoint security challenges, goals and visions of your organization. Contact us today to get started.

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