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  • Support is Ending for IBM's DataPower Gateways XI52 and XG45. Make the Move to X2.

Support is Ending for IBM's DataPower Gateways XI52 and XG45. Make the Move to X2.

Support is Ending for IBM's DataPower Gateways XI52 and XG45. Make the Move to X2.

Many companies rely on IBM’s DataPower Gateway appliances to accelerate, control and secure their enterprise network traffic. For companies that are running XI52 or XG45 machines, the end of life date for those machine types is set for December 31, 2019.  And IBM will not offer extended support after that date. These important dates are quickly approaching and it’s important to start thinking ahead. If you’ve yet to make plans to migrate to a supported IBM offering or move to other options, then now is the time to act to ensure your network and your business operations are supported.

If you’re looking to upgrade from XI52 or XG45 machines, IBM’s new DataPower Gateway X2 is an excellent choice. From better memory to faster performance to improved reliability, the X2 has clear advantages over the XI52 or XG45 machines. Upgrading now will allow you more time to prepare for the migration to the X2 gateways and let you begin leveraging the latest platform enhancements.

The X2 advantage: Improved reliability, performance and cost

On several fronts, the X2 provides clear advantages over the XI52 or XG45 machines.

Better memory and performance: This generation of hardware boasts significant memory and performance improvements over the previous generations of hardware. The X2 offers 3.5x–6x greater performance compared to XI52 or XG45 machines. X2 also has a 32 GB flash drive. You’ll also benefit from its enhanced memory and workload capacity available for higher performance and/or to run additional tenants with governance and lower TCO. You’ll also gain one tenant (for no charge) for API Connect workloads on each X2 appliance.

Improved responsiveness and capacity: With higher CPU core counts than its predecessors, as well as increased network capacity, the X2 will boost application responsiveness. This will enable you to remove bottlenecks, respond better to failover and improve load balancing support.

Higher reliability and lower cost: The X2 also provides higher reliability and lower power consumption. Because of these improvements in message processing and throughput, you can achieve economies of scale with the new X2 appliances. X2 also enables overall savings on future spend with the increased capacity of the X2 gateway, both in product and maintenance fees.

Let’s make the move to X2

Migrating to X2 starts with understanding where you are now and what you need to do to get your business fully supported. As experts in IBM Gateway technology, Lighthouse can help you explore your options and provide the technology expertise to help successfully upgrade your networking system. Our local teams are here, at the ready, to answer any questions you have about moving to X2. So, reach out to us today, and together we’ll discuss the next best move for your business.

Upgrade Planning Assessment

Contact us to discuss an upgrade planning assessment to understand your current configuration and develop a plan for upgrade.

DataPower Support and Design Review

  • Lighthouse will provide an experienced DataPower architect to review integration configuration and code deployed as part of existing client operations.
  • As part of this activity Lighthouse will provide review of documentation, configuration and code, and testing plans.
  • In addition, we will aim to provide skills transfer, where appropriate, so client staff is better
  • We will review and modify DataPower configuration and code at the direction of the client
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