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The Importance of Endpoint Discovery and Patch Management

The Importance of Endpoint Discovery and Patch Management

In a world where every second counts, the right endpoint solution can be the difference between a successful patch management strategy and one that leaves your organization at risk. Hackers are racing to exploit vulnerable computer systems before software vendors publish patches. When hackers win the race, you lose productivity and risk loss of sensitive data, potential litigation and regulatory fines.

To combat these threats, software vendors are issuing an increasing number of patches in attempts to keep pace with the frenzy of exploits. Unfortunately, most organizations are not equipped to handle this onslaught of patches in a time-and cost-effective manner. Sometimes it can take IT departments weeks or even months to deploy patches across an entire network.

IBM BigFix Patch provides accurate, near real-time visibility and continuous enforcement of patches from a single management console. It supports over 90 different operating system types and versions, compressing patch cycle times to minutes or hours, with more than 98% first-pass patch success rate. This unified platform provides a single, multi-purpose agent that enables other BigFix solutions to be activated with no additional infrastructure.

Read this white paper to learn more about endpoint discovery & patch management. 

No software is perfect. Defects in operating systems and installed software are unavoidable and can open systems up to malware attacks. These defects are particularly attractive to hackers if the software is critical to business processes. That’s why it’s so important to secure your business’s device and server endpoints by quickly, efficiently and reliably deploying the latest app and operating system patches when they are released by vendors.

Lighthouse can help you establish a centralized system to automate patching that will secure your enterprise endpoints and test patches on systems before they go into operations. You’ll be able to manage and deploy patches across your network of operating systems, software and devices—wherever they are—to ensure your patches are up to date. You’ll reduce costs, improve security, shorten patch cycle times, eliminate manual effort and better protect your business.

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