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  • Considering a Network Refresh in 2018? Your Timing Couldn't be Better.

Considering a Network Refresh in 2018? Your Timing Couldn't be Better.

Considering a Network Refresh in 2018? Your Timing Couldn't be Better.


As yet another new year gets underway in IT, you're probably wondering how you'll keep all those well-meaning resolutions to improve this and replace that. But before you even try anything new, you're probably going to need a network refresh. Here's why: 

The words digital transformation have appeared in many blogs and articles over the last few years and while the topic might not feel as fresh as it did on January 1st of 2017, as the world becomes more digitized it's clear the concept isn’t going anywhere. 

To make the most of business opportunities presented by emerging digital technologies and to keep pace with your competitors, it is essential that your organization continuously modernize its IT environment.

We understand that many of you reading this might be thinking, “why should I invest in new technologies when what we have works fine?” At Lighthouse, or goal is to move your business beyond what simply works and into the realm of technology that transforms, and true business transformation can only happen when you have the supporting infrastructure in place.

Mobility, Internet of Things, BYOD, AI, Machine Learning, and Intent-based Networking—all of the technology-related buzzwords you’ve recently read so much aboutrequire a robust and modernized network to support them. In a business world increasingly disrupted by agile startups, enterprise-level business leaders need to get serious about modernizing the IT infrastructure to avoid network downtime and to remain competitive in the current digital landscape.

If remaining agile and competitive doesn’t inspire you to put a network refresh at the top of your list of business-level resolutions for 2018, perhaps security will. Legacy equipment and applications can leave your business vulnerable to cyber criminals looking for the path of least resistance. If you think the initial investment in a technology refresh is hefty, imagine the cost of a data breach.  

Investing in new technologies makes good business sense but the slow pace of change within most large enterprises presents an obstacle to business leaders who wish to transform digitally. Furthermore, gun-shy executives worried about the initial investment in a network refresh, should consider the cost of losing their competitive edge and the potential for disastrous outcomes that can result from cyber vulnerabilities. Don’t look at the up-front cost as a strain on your budget; consider it an investment in the future health of your organization.

Why limit your 2018 resolutions to personal items, consider taking a look at your overall IT environment to determine if your business might benefit from a network refresh—and add that to your list of business objectives for the year.

If you’d like to learn more about today’s digital technologies and how Lighthouse can help to assess your current IT environment and create a game-plan for business transformation, please get in touch or leave a comment below.

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