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Cyberattacks Are on the Rise. IBM Resilient Can Help

Cyberattacks Are on the Rise. IBM Resilient Can Help

Today’s business environment has near-zero tolerance for service outages and disruptions, but it can be difficult for companies to effectively manage exploited security weaknesses and cyber incident recovery. This is complicated by the fact that companies often have dispersed hybrid IT environments with requirements for cross-platform resource use and availability, scalability, and performance. With the threat of cyberattacks and data breaches looming, it’s more important than ever to invest in a scalable solution that is catered for your company.

Breaches are a matter of “when”—not “if”—and cyber disruptions have significant impacts on businesses, resulting in lost revenues, regulatory penalties, and damaged reputations. Recent studies suggest that the cost of breaches is also on the rise, and organizations are ill-prepared to handle their impact. The Ponemon Institute’s 2018 Cost of Data Breach Study reported that costs can range between $29M-$400M for breaches involving 1M-50M records.

Though the cost of data breaches is high, we’re seeing that companies are facing problems with their current disparate solutions. Also, they often lack efficient and cost-effective automation tools to help protect against these attacks. The challenges companies face include:

  • No monitoring system to detect changes in platform configuration
  • Poor recovery speeds and resumption of operations following a cyberattack or outage
  • Lack of secure, isolated storage to prevent corruption of backup data
  • Ineffective “point in time” management does not allow for recovery of clean copies
  • Lack of high-level data protection that complies with evolving business continuity and data protection regulations
  • Need for testing, reporting, and visibility to ensure cyber incident readiness and compliance

Recover from cyber incidents faster with a cost-effective solution

IBM Resilient with cyber incident recovery is designed to help organizations recover data, application, and platform configurations quickly in the event of a cyber outage. The offering combines automation and analytics to enable faster, more cost-effective disaster recovery and cyber incident recovery. It can also help proactively avoid disruptions that can lead to lost revenue, brand damage, and dissatisfied customers. 

Incident mitigation through orchestration and resiliency, by IBM can help with:

  • Anomaly recovery: Helps enable quick recovery of anomalies in data and platform configuration
  • Configuration monitoring: Monitors changes in configuration files that help enable faster recovery with Resiliency Orchestration built-in intelligence
  • Faster recovery: Helps enable fast recovery of data that was corrupted by cyber breaches
  • Third-party integration: Allows integration with third-party products for providing clean copies during forensics analysis
  • Recovery testing: Allows drill testing of recovery scenarios
  • Cloud storage protection: Leverages air-gapped and immutable cloud storage for data protection in a security-rich environment
  • Easy testing: Helps enable easy, frequent testing of the solution without impacting production
  • Improved visibility: Provides visibility and reporting to help enable compliance and audit readiness

Leverage expert deployment for IBM Resilient

At Lighthouse, we’re here to help make sure your infrastructure’s recovery solutions can handle the worst cyberattacks and outages at a moment’s notice. As a preferred, award-winning partner of IBM, we work closely with IBM services, and our security experts are highly experienced in IBM technology. Our experts can explore your unique security challenges and help you get IBM Resiliency Orchestration up and running with ease. Bring better protection to your business today. Let’s start the conversation.

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