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  • Securely Move to the Cloud with the Cloud Cybersecurity Advisory Assessment (CCAA)

Securely Move to the Cloud with the Cloud Cybersecurity Advisory Assessment (CCAA)

Securely Move to the Cloud with the Cloud Cybersecurity Advisory Assessment (CCAA)

With the widespread and constantly growing popularity of cloud technology models like SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS, more and more companies are leveraging multiple cloud models for their infrastructure and application deployments. Each requires model-specific compliance, expertise in each model’s security as well as complex cybersecurity considerations. Moving between cloud models can open your company up to security risks.

We’re excited to announce a new offering from Good Dog Labs, a Lighthouse company, that will help you detect and locate these risks before they can affect your infrastructure: The Cloud Cybersecurity Advisory Assessment (CCAA).

This assessment will tell you exactly what and where the risks are, so you can keep your systems fully protected during your move to cloud native services—either from Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, or AWS. We will walk you through each step in identifying where you are and where you need to be to realize your cloud-first strategy. We’ll also provide you with an executive summary and deliverable package to finalize the process.

Download the assessment today!

Complete a CCAA with ease

The Cloud Cybersecurity Advisory Assessment will take six to eight weeks. The assessment will be performed by Good Dog Labs, a Lighthouse company, which provides information security, IT service management methodology, and DevOps services.

For a fixed fee of $95,000—not including travel and entertainment costs—you’ll receive the full assessment. Key deliverables in this journey include:

  • Analysis of the current and desired state of major Cloud Cybersecurity Capability areas
  • Details on any and all gaps and workload security requirements
  • Information on the current, transitional and future state of your Cloud Cybersecurity architectures
  • An executive summary of major deliverable aspects
  • Overall Cloud Cybersecurity assessments

The assessment covers essential technical areas, including:

  • Virtual networking and security
  • Application, service, and data security
  • Business logic, patching, change management, and configuration
  • Identity and access management
  • Security monitoring
  • Incident response

Download the assessment today!

Let’s talk about your cybersecurity

Reach out to Lighthouse Computer Services today to better protect your systems from security risks. We can help you become fully cloud capable without sacrificing the safety of your infrastructure and applications. Let’s get started.

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