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IBM and Motio Are Partnering to Accelerate Your Move to Cognos 11.1

IBM and Motio Are Partnering to Accelerate Your Move to Cognos 11.1

IBM recently announced the release of Cognos Analytics 11.1, which is the latest version of the company’s long-trusted BI platform. With a host of upgrades and performance boosting features, Cognos is helping companies use analytics to make great decisions faster. From AI-recommended visualizations and an AI conversational assistant to advanced analytics and user-centered data modeling, Cognos is helping companies take advantage of a new era of analytics.

Enterprises are now moving from older versions of IBM’s BI platform to Cognos Analytics 11.1. Though, as companies have seen before, upgrading to a new version of Cognos takes time, money and effort on the part of your business. If you can accelerate that process and do it as efficiently as possible, your business will gain the benefits of Cognos sooner, and you’ll save costs and effort in the process.

To help you make this happen, IBM has partnered with Motio Inc., which provides specialized software to enhance development and administration processes for Cognos. When you upgrade to Cognos 11.1, both MotioCI and MotioPI Professional are included “in the Cognos box” for free. These Motio products are designed to make it simpler, easier and faster to upgrade to Cognos 11.1.

Motio will help you improve the quality and accuracy of your Cognos assets and help your business start putting the enhancements of Cognos in the hands of your users faster. The software helps you:

  • Define and reduce the scope of your upgrade by identifying and deleting things you don’t need to migrate to your new environment, such as reports and content that are invalid, duplicated or haven’t been used for a long time.
  • Cut time and effort through automated testing to validate that applications will behave as expected in the new upgraded environment—by running test cases for outputs, formatting, performance, data validity and more.
  • Use version control to back your content and safeguard against needing to recreate content to mimic a previous version, or content that gets deleted through version control.

Lighthouse can help you move faster with Cognos and Motio

As a partner to both IBM and Motio, with extensive experience utilizing both product sets and hundreds of upgrades and migrations completed on behalf of our clients over the past 20 years.  We can help you get started with your Cognos upgrade project using Motio software or we can do the entire upgrade and migration for you!   In the process, we can provide experienced guidance and advice to help take best advantage of all Cognos has to offer.  Motio can play an important part in saving time and money in your move to Cognos. We’re ready to help. Let’s talk today.

Lighthouse Analytics provides robust, end-to-end analytics services that can help guide you through your entire analytics maturity journey. We can help you succeed—whether you are just starting out with basic reporting or you’re looking to dive deep into artificial intelligence, machine learning or advanced predictive and prescriptive analytics.

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