Tap into the Power of Where for Insurance with Location Intelligence

Virtually all decisions made in the insurance industry are made around foresight. This entails far more than just educated guesswork, as market leaders have to leverage a wealth of information and account for numerous variables when crafting predictive analytics around policies, claims and risk.

Playing a leading role in this process is location intelligence, which combines big data, location insights and geoenrichment to create a single view of risk. This vantage can be tweaked to apply to a single customer or an entire region, giving insurance professionals the tools they need to improve outcomes across the entire business.

At its core, applying location intelligence in the same way market leaders do can help insurers of all sizes

Using BigFix to Detect and Mitigate the Intel AMT vulnerability (CVE-2017-5689)

Recently a huge vulnerability was discovered in many Intel chips by an outfit in California called Embedi. Since this security hole grants such wide-ranging permissions to unprivileged users and is present in so many of Intel's chips, it has been discussed at length here and here and here and here among others places. For this reason, I won't go into the specifics other than to say that it allows an attacker with little to no privileges to take over affected computers. 

On Board with Dashboarding: How to make the most of this dynamic visualization tool

In business intelligence everything is trending toward the ability to gain quick insight — analyzing accessible data that allows you to make good decisions immediately. Enter the dashboard, a tool we are seeing more and more organizations utilize.

IBM’s SPSS Modeler. You don't need a Ph.D.

It wasn’t that long ago that companies looking to analyze data would hire a Ph.D. or otherwise experienced statistician to sit in a back room and write long lines of code with complex algorithms. That’s no longer the case, with IBM’s SPSS Modeler around to help business analysts to gain data-based insights.

Deploying a BigFix Baseline in Sequence without using Server Automation.

 Baselines can be a great tool in BigFix. You can simultaneously send dozens of Fixlets (or more) to hundreds or thousands of endpoints and patch every one. When trying to execute tasks on specific endpoints in sequence, however, baselines present various problems—Though each Fixlet executes sequentially on an individual endpoint, the entire baseline executes in parallel on all the endpoints targeted.

Lighthouse Announces Intent to Acquire Creative Computing

It is with great pleasure that we announce our intent to acquire Creative Computing.  We are excited for our two companies to come together and provide more value to the IBM partnership and our clients.  With the addition of Creative, Lighthouse’s range of services and solutions expands into a new spectrum of Analytics.  

Read the press release to find out more about Lighthouse's acquistion of Creative Computing.

Lighthouse Helps IBM Wins 2015 Global Leadership Award for IAM

A BIG fist bump for Lighthouse Innovation! In its July 2015 press release, Frost & Sullivan named IBM “the established leader in the identity and access management (IAM) market” due, in part, to the acquisition of Lighthouse Security Group and its Security Gateway platform. Now all eyes are on Lighthouse Computer Services as a key player in the development of new Security and cloud solutions.

How can you Prevent, Detect and Respond to Advanced Threats?

Check out this webinar next week!

Office 365 is mainstream – now what?

Like a multitude of our customers, you deployed Office 365 in the last 3 years. What happens next?

Lighthouse Can Help You with Microsoft's "Skype for Business Clients" Announcement

Microsoft recently sent along the following reminder and resource links regarding the upcoming Skype for Business client update.