A legacy of innovation in pursuit of actionable knowledge.

For many IT consultants today, analytics is a new idea.

But the fact is that analytics - and big data for that matter - is a relatively mature and well-developed profession.

And while recent growth has been dramatic, success with analytics depends (no surprise) on disciplined application of proven methodologies.

Here at the Lighthouse Analytics Practice, we have pretty convincing evidence that analytics innovation based on sound, time-tested principles leads to better results for our clients.

There's a lot about analytics that seems to change almost daily. But not that.

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We're in the analytics business, as well as yours.

At Lighthouse, there's no such thing as generic analytics. Either your analytics solutions are sensitive to specific needs of your business, or they're probably sub-optimal.

At Lighthouse, we create analytics solutions that address real-world industry information needs head on. Here are a few examples:

For the Manufacturing Industry: MARS (Manufacturing Analysis & Reporting), which enables flexible data reporting services for manufacturing ERPs across AR, Finance, Inventory, Production, Sales and other manufacturing functions.

For the Higher Education Community: HEADS UP (Higher Education Advanced Dashboard User Portal), a mature and administrator-friendly analytics solution that helps institutions of learning meet today's growing challenges around student enrollment and retention, and donor contributions, among other concerns.

For Health Care Institutions: PAL (Patient re-Admit List), a visual dashboard that synthesizes readmission metrics to isolate patients at high risk for readmission, and generates solutions for physicians to deploy at the point of discharge.

For the Banking Industry: ATM Go-Live, a verticle analytics solution that helps automate, streamline, and manage ATM installation and conversion projects.

At Lighthouse, analytics is real, it's reliable, and it goes to work every day for our clients.

Maybe you're wondering if it's time to move your decisionmaking into the realm of hard facts and data-derived knowledge. Or maybe you're wondering why you're not getting the results you expect from your existing analytics program.

Maybe we can help.

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What's next?

Ask about our Readiness Assessment.

Where do you stand today in terms of data quality, infrastructure, governance and data administration? A Lighthouse Analytics Readiness Assessment will document your current status and prescribe the steps necessary to expedite your analytics journey. 

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President, Analytics Practice

“Analytics is a team sport. It's us and the client, working together.”

"That's the way to get maximum business impact from an analytics program."

Analytics services to get you started and keep you going. 

Whether you're new to analytics, or a veteran seeking better results, Lighthouse stands ready to help as your analytics and big data partner. 

Readiness assessment

Are you ready to move forward with your analytics program? We'll let you know.

Data integration

Improve results with expert data mart design, data cleansing, validation and master data management.

Business intelligence

Put information into stakeholders' hands with reporting and analysis design, dashboards and scoreboards.

Advanced analytics

Take a deeper look at what the numbers mean with data optimization and predictive modeling.

Planning, budgeting & forecasting

Ditch the spreadsheets. Financial analytics reveals eye-opening insights about your numbers.

System management & maintenance

Let us keep an eye on your system operation, performance, upgrades and maintenance.

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