Storage & Backup

Capture, deliver, manage, & protect: Your propulsion into the Cognitive Era.

Advances in mobile, social, and big data analytics are generating an influx of data greater than ever before, causing storage infrastructures to become riddled with hazards from data loss to security threats and system failures. Despite these risks, businesses still demand access to their data with superior levels of service.

Lighthouse recognizes every client is unique, and provides them with individualized, detail-oriented roadmaps to tackle their specific business, organization, and application challenges.

We design, build, and execute storage solutions across the complete range of Software Designed Infrastructure, cloud, and legacy systems to enhance your performance, availability, access to data, and security. Drive better outcomes with technologies such as Flash, cloud & object storage, virtualization, data reduction techniques, and grid storage. In addition, test our solutions using no obligation Proof of Concept equipment and software.