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Software is a crucial part of any IT solution, and Lighthouse represents the top brands in the industry, all supported by our expert software consultants, with over 100 certifications combined.

Connecting Our Customers to Best-in-Class Technologies.

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We realize software alone can be purchased from many suppliers these days, but few have the implementation and integration experience to assure the success of your project. Lighthouse has earned that experience as an IBM Premier Partner, deploying software solutions for many of the best-known companies in the Northeast United States. Our software consultants are experts in selecting and implementing the best-in-class software your company needs.

IBM Software Solutions

IBM offers integrated software and solutions for all of your business and organizational challenges. But you get much more than just software when you choose IBM.. Why? IBM is fueled by expertise. Whether you require business, industry or IT systems expertise, or all three, IBM has the unmatched experience and knowledge to understand your needs and help you achieve real, measurable results. It’s open, easily integrated and flexible. Ready for work, it’s industrial strength and scales to meet your needs. And it’s supported by the software consultants of Lighthouse Computer Services, the most credentialed IBM Partner in the Northeast.

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