Innovative IT for Digital Transformation.

Uncontrolled data and rampant unstandardized devices, platforms, and formats—when left unchecked—wither a company’s resources. Now more than ever, this digital disruption is forcing organizations to innovate in order to reach their customers. Lighthouse enables you to obtain fast, flexible, and reliable access to your API’s, services, and data, while keeping your employees, customers, partners, and suppliers constantly linked.

Evolve your integration architecture to seamlessly connect applications, services, and platforms and lay the foundation for monetizing your APIs. Our certified consultants shore you through the entire process, from tailoring to implementation. We optimize and integrate your infrastructure and back end applications, which expand your channels and open new opportunities for revenue streams.

Choose from offerings in IBM’s Integration Bus (IIB), DataPower, Cast Iron, API Management, MQ Messaging, Business Process Management Solutions, or launch innovation for your business through Lighthouse’s customized API Economy Business and Technology.