The New Lighthouse Independent Discovery & Analytics Engagement

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Our clients report that knowing the truth about IT helps them buy smarter, run leaner, and drive efficiency IT-wide, including plant, personnel, and power.

  • Infrastructure TCO savings range from 11% to 55%
  • Storage demand is typically reduced by 10% or more
  • Demand for maintenance resources typically declines by 20% or more

Knowing the truth improves insight and accuracy on a number of fronts, including:

  • Tactical and strategic projects
  • Key initiatives, including cloud, big data, analytics, mobile, and defensible disposition of data
  • Operational improvement, including data protection, archive, and data availability
  • Operational efficiency
  • Delivery against LOB expectation

Take back control of IT through deeper knowledge based on a complete, unbiased picture of your environment.

  • Improve quality and continuity of service by quickly zeroing-in on outages, bottlenecks and utilization issues
  • Improve security by ensuring complete coverage: you can’t protect what you can’t see
  • Devote more staff to planning and service delivery, and less to putting out fires
  • Plan, deploy and administer with more complete confidence

Q: What happens when you have complete, unbiased knowledge of your entire IT environment?

A: Just about anything you want.

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Introducing the Lighthouse IDA Engagement: For a focused,
detailed view of:

  • What IT assets you really have
  • Where your applications are actually running
  • Where all your data is really stored
  • Which assets are strained, which are wasted
  • And what to do next.
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You are not alone. (It’s not even close.)

The vast majority of CIOs we know lack complete confidence in their knowledge of what’s actually happening in IT.

And it’s not their fault.

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After all, truth is power.

Imagine you know exactly what IT assets you have, precisely how they’re related, and all the revealing details about their utilization. How much more could you achieve?

It’s easier than it sounds.

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How to keep flawed knowledge of IT from hitting your bottom line.

This four-page, business-focused Lab Report explains:

  • How growth, change and complexity erode critical IT knowledge
  • Strategies for closing knowledge gaps
  • Five essential questions to ask before choosing a solution
  • Read all about it.

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