What Pro-Business means to you

Today's enterprise thrives on technology. IT decisions are business decisions. And that's the focus of everything we do for our clients.


22 years of successful top-tier team building

We are proud to have assembled one of the most qualified, experienced and stable teams of IT consultants in the business, with an average of 15 years in practice, and numerous top-level certifications.


Unexpected partnership with IT consultants

Most clients have been with us for many years, some since our founding in 1995. We've proven time and again that responsive and responsible partnerships turn customers into long-term clients.


A firmer grasp of your whole IT mission

At Lighthouse, we’re passionate about what we do. The drive to solve IT challenges is in our DNA. We’ll always start out with a statement of your objectives and always ask you if we met them.

An interdisciplinary approach

We offer deep knowledge and expertise in key IT disciplines. We may not work on everything in your shop, but we know how everything fits together.

Avoiding the newest “breakthroughs” in Security

The smart way to plan for the next unknown threat.

Coming down from the Cloud

There’s no one right way to do cloud. But there is a wrong way.

Managing cost and risk with Software Asset Management

Which is worse: spending too much on licenses, or too little?

Independent Discovery & Analytics Engagement: IDA

Let the truth about IT set you free.

Rising expectations for Business Productivity

Are your tools evolving faster than you are?

Putting some structure back into Infrastructure

How to keep the foundation of IT more future-ready.

Be careful what you ask for from Analytics

The mature approach to better results from your data.